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Glaumbær museum ride - 3-4 hours

On this tour we start riding from the farm on old tracks to the museum at Glaumbær. When we reach Glaumbær we take off the saddles and rest the horses. We then walk towards the museum and we will be provided with a guided tour inside and outside of the museum. When finished exploring the old farm, we walk down to Áskaffi, a small coffee shop at Glaumbær, and have some coffee/tea.  When we have seen and drink enough, we walk back towards the horses, saddle up and ride back to the farm.

  • Both for riders with no riding skills as well as good riding skills.
  • Departure every day june - september
  • We provide riding equipments such as saddle, bridles, helmet and raincoats if needed.

Price: 18.500 ISK
(You can book here below.)




Photos: Sigríður Sigurðardóttir, Byggðasafnið Glaumbæ.