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Horse roundup - Staðarfjöll

Ride with us to the mountains Staðarfjöll to collect our horses. Every year in July we take our mares with foals and the young horses to the mountains to rest. There they have all the freedom they want and all the grass they can eat for three months. Before the winter arrives we get them back home. We ride up to the mountains with a hand horse to collect them together and bring the herd home. Amazing experience for all riders and a lot of fun.

  • 11 - 15th September 2019  , 5 days (4 riding days)
  • Good riding skills are needed and good physical condition
  • Age limit is 14 years old
  • Price 1700 EUR



  • Transportation from and to Keflavík
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) during the tour
  • Accommodation for 4 nights
  • Riding equipments, saddle, bridles, helmet, raincoats
  • All transportation during the riding tour

Not included

  • Flights to and from Iceland
  • Alcohol beverages
  • Riding clothes: pants, boots, jacket, gloves and etc.